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Susannah Shaw

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner

I’m Susannah, an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner for North Gosforth PCN.

I have worked in the ambulance service since 2013, qualifying as a paramedic in 2016. During my 6 years working for the North East Ambulance Service, I worked on a double-crewed ambulance and a rapid response vehicle and was also a student paramedic mentor, before making the transition into primary care in April 2022.

team-member-photo Susannah Shaw

What I Do

In my current role as an advanced paramedic practitioner, I work within the primary care network, responding to same-day acute presentations for housebound patients over 5 different primary care practices.

This involves home visits, history taking, physical assessments and management of acute conditions in often chronic, complex patients.

How I Support Patients

Our role means that patients who aren't able to get to their local GP practices can still be seen.

This means that people that need to be assessed quickly don’t experience delays, and receive the same treatment as if they were visiting their normal surgery.

Get in touch

We work closely with the GPs and clinical teams at all the practices, and when a home visit is needed, those requests our passed on to our team.