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What is screening? The NHS has a comprehensive screening plan designed to identify if you are at higher risk of developing several health problems. Risk factors can exist without symptoms, so screening targets otherwise healthy people. Screening means increased risk can be identified and treated early, reducing the chance of the conditions developing.   When … Continued

Memory loss

Memory Loss We can all be forgetful at times, misplacing keys, or losing our train of thought while talking, but it is useful to know what is normal, what is not, and when it is the right time to seek help.   Stress and Memory Loss Feeling stressed affects both our ability to recall information … Continued

District Nurses

District Nurses District Nurses take care of people in the community rather than in hospitals. Typically, they will visit patients in their homes or residential care homes. For patients who have physical disabilities or life-limiting illnesses and their families, District Nurses are an essential source of support. Their clinical skills provide people with vital care … Continued

Support for Carers

Definitions and variety, paid/unpaid, physical/emotional. Support and flexibility from practice, info on and links to support services.