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Have you explored our website?

Last year, as part of a project across North Gosforth we launched new websites for Park Medical Group, Regent Medical Centre, Brunton Park Health Centre, and Gosforth Memorial Medical Centre.

Since then, we’ve seen more and more patients using our site for health information, getting in touch, and using the NHS’s digital services, like ordering prescriptions through the NHS App.

In recent months it’s been great to see our News pages getting an increasing number of views as we continue to share up-to-date information, advice and guidance on how to use the NHS and proactively manage your health.

We thought it would be helpful to share a few quick suggestions on what there is on parts of our site and how to find information relevant to you. Scroll through below or hop to sections with the buttons.

Latest News

Our news page is where we post updates on health conditions, general guidance on getting the best health care possible, and the work of our Primary Care Network team.

The most recent posts appear in the news section on our home page, or you can explore our full news archive.

Here are some of our most recent updates.

  • Covid Boosters for those most at risk this Autumn

    Covid Boosters for those most at risk this Autumn

    Covid Boosters for those most at risk this Autumn Since the first COVID-19 vaccination was given in December 2020, nearly 150 million first, second and booster doses have been given in the UK. In the final part of our vaccine series, we discuss COVID and the Autumn Booster campaign. Nearly 94% of people over 12 … Continued

  • The Life-saving Flu vaccine: Who needs it and how to get it

    The Life-saving Flu vaccine: Who needs it and how to get it

    The Life-saving Flu vaccine: Who needs it and how to get it Every year, the NHS protects millions of people against flu – a highly contagious illness that, while mild for many, can be potentially life-threatening for others. In the third in our vaccine series, we’ll touch on the history of the flu vaccine, why … Continued

  • Your Views Wanted: NGPS Community Health Bus

    Your Views Wanted: NGPS Community Health Bus

    Your Views Wanted: NGPS Community Health Bus Later this year, Newcastle GP Services (NGPS) will be launching a Community Health Bus to visit communities all over Newcastle. The aim is to make healthcare, information and services more accessible to everyone. NGPS is asking for your views on what services you think the bus should offer. … Continued

Categories and Keywords

To save you from having to scroll through all our updates to find what you’re after, there are ways to get there quicker.

We use some simple category names to group news posts together. So if you are looking for the latest on mental health or health and wellbeing, just pick an option from the drop-down menu to get your news.

If you’re looking for something more specific, try the keyword search option. This will look through all our posts, checking the headlines, section names, text and keywords we’ve added and show you the results.

At the end of each post, we might suggest other pieces of content based on the subject matter.


As you’d expect, our resource page is packed with all sorts of useful information. But did you know there are three different ways to find what you are looking for?


First, there are the categories. Like with the news posts, these group together pieces of information.

We’ve tried to make these categories as sensible as possible – either describing you or a particular situation. Hopefully, this makes it easy to find relevant information, even if you might not know it’s name.

Here’s an example: The Little Orange Book is a fantastic resource for new parents, with practical advice about common conditions up to the age of 5.

But if you didn’t know that, you wouldn’t know to search for the words ‘little orange book’.

By categorising it under children’s health and parenthood, it makes a helpful resource that much easier to find.

You can see some of the resources in the parenthood category below.

  • Family Planning and Fertility

    Family Planning and Fertility

    Family Planning and Fertility   Most couples who are trying to get pregnant will likely conceive within a year of trying. If you haven’t become pregnant after 12 months of regular, unprotected sex, then it is worth seeing your GP. If you are female and over 36 or have any other concerns about your overall … Continued

  • Is my child too ill for school?

    Post Views: 0

  • Sexual Health

    Sexual Health

    Sexual Health The NHS has a range of free, confidential sexual health services. These services cover contraception, testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), and advice on unplanned pregnancies. You can use any of these services even if you are under 16 years old. If you are aged 13 or older, you have the same rights … Continued


Another way we’ve tried to make it easier to find what you need, is to group resources by type.

So, for instance, if you are looking for some self-help, an easy-read or how to guide or perhaps one of our policies, all of these options are there.

These are some how to resources.

  • A Guide to the NHS for Asylum seekers and Immigrants

    A Guide to the NHS for Asylum seekers and Immigrants

    Advice and guidance for healthcare practitioners on the health needs of migrant patients.

  • Accessing GP Services

    Accessing GP Services

    General information with focus on who can use GP services – How to register – Free access to all including immigrants/asylum seekers – unregistered/temporary residents

  • Blood pressure self-assessment

    Blood pressure self-assessment

    Use this tool to enter your blood pressure reading and find out what it means, along with information on how to reduce a high reading. Post Views: 0

Keyword search

Lastly, of course, you can still use the keyword search option, which, like the news posts, will trawl through titles, headings and content to bring you relevant results.

Our Team

When we surveyed patients as part of building our new sites, a lot of people said they wanted to get to know the staff team a bit better.

The Our People page is home to staff profiles. Here you can seeour practice and network teams, and find out more about their roles and how they help patients.

You can use the Job Role filter to find everyone in the same position or the Specialisms filter to see what your clinical team are experts in.

Here are some of the most recent updates on our staff pages.

Julie Carruthers

Profile coming soon...

Catherine Leonard

I'm Catherine Leonard. I joined the Gosforth and Jesmond Health team in Jun...

Dr Sarah Rae, Clinical Director

Dr Rae

Introduction Profile coming soon....

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